Sunday, 29 March 2015

#TransformationTuesday meets #FatBlast50

Everyone loves a good #TransformationTuesday photo op - it's such a celebration of how far you can come and the amazing victories that you are able to accomplish when you really put your mind to something. Recently, we wrapped up our second annual #FatBlast50 competition where we kicked the sugar and grains to the curb to push our bodies mentally and physically and start 2015 off right! It’s kind of sad, really. The 50 days of #FatBlast50 have come to a close. We had over 50 energetic, motivated and focused individuals join our #FatBlast50 transformation challenge to kick off their 2015!

The Goal

Start 2015 off right by building healthy habits with a clean diet, more movement, consistent exercise with accountability along the way.

The Benefits

On top of fat loss, there was a list of other benefits that challengers noticed: 

“More energy!”    “More focus”
“Sleep better and through the night!”
“No more bloated feeling!”    “Tighter tummy”
“Stronger”    “Leaner”    “Feel lighter”
“Cravings have gone away”
“I haven’t felt this good in years!”
“Better control of my moods”
“Definition in body shape”
“My pants are too big”
“I fit better into my clothes”
“I have to buy new clothes”
“My back pain went away”
“My knee/shoulder pain is under control”
“No longer hooked on Advil”
“My osteoarthritis is under control”

We're so proud of all our challengers. Check out the winners below!

The Top 3 #FatBlast50 Winners

The results were great and competition was tight! So on #TransformationTuesday we're shouting out to our top three winners! Congrats ladies -- your hard work speaks for itself! 

3rd Place - Patti

Patti wins a 3X/Week - 5 Week Bootcamp session +
a 6-Week Small Group session of her choice
($294 value)

Patti lost 14.5 lbs, 3.1% Body Fat, 3.5 inches
off her stomach and 10.5 inches overall!
She was the 3rd most consistent daily logger.
Patti, you rocked this!

2nd Place - Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie wins $200 +
3X/Week - 10 Week Bootcamp session
($577 value)

Anne-Marie lost 14.4lbs, a whopping 4.5% body fat
and 9 inches overall! She was our MOST consistent daily
logger and almost had a perfect score of 300.

1st Place - Dwania

Dwania will be receiving $400
+ 2 Free In-Home Personal Training Sessions
($580 Value)

Dwania dropped 17lbs, 4 inches off her hips
and 15.5 inches overall!
Consistency pays off with only missing out on 14 points throughout the entire challenge! Way to go girl!
We’re proud of all our #FatBlast50 challengers. We LUV hearing about your lifestyle changes and hearing your stories throughout your journey.

The Key Takeaway 

Don’t underestimate the power of social accountability, support
and consistency in your health and fitness journey!
Oh yeah… and sugar is the devil :)
Moving forward, remember that a simple tweet out to your @jqfitness family or showing up to your iluvthis Bootcamp class can give you the encouragement and support you need to keep on going when you feel defeated, down and discouraged. We’re here to come alongside and build you up to be stronger, healthier and achieve your goals!