Saturday, 10 January 2015

20 Minute Workout - Leg Quake + Ab Finisher

Alright #FatBlast50 people, for this 20 minute workout you’re going to need a timer, your dumbbells (DBs), a jump rope (optional) and complete AFAP (As Fast As Possible) with QR (Quality Reps)


Before you start the timer, do the following circuit 2 times to get warmed up:

10 Reps – Prisoner Squats

10 Reps – Alternating T-Stands

20 Reps – Mountain Climbers

10 Reps – Push-Ups

30 Reps – Jumping Jacks

Complete this warm-up 2X

Now, grab your timer, DBs and jump rope! Do the following Leg Quake ladder circuit 2 times before ending with the Ab Finisher (do this one 3 times).

Start your timer and go….


10 Reps – Squat and Overhead DB Press

20 Reps – Jump Squats

30 Reps – Walking Lunges holding DBs in hand (limited space? do alternating DB lunges)

40 Reps – Speed Skaters

50 Reps – Jump Rope (use imaginary rope if you don’t have one) 
Complete this Circuit 2X before moving on to the Ab Finisher


10 Reps – Up-Up-Down-Down Plank to Pushup

20 Reps – Cross-Body Mountain Climbers (10/side)

30 Reps – Bicycle Crunches (15/side)

Complete this Circuit 3X and record your time!

How fast did you complete it and how heavy were your weights? Comment below.

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